Monday, October 14, 2013

Awana Sparks Bingo

This week was the first week it was too cold to let the Sparks play outside.  They have 5-10 minutes after Handbook Time to do an activity so this week I put together Sparks Bingo.  My boys LOVE playing bingo which is awesome for practicing concepts in school.  I used bingo chips (from Sing Spell Read and Write Curriculum :) for two teams & pompoms for the other two because I had them handy.  I am going to get bingo chips for all the teams since this was SO popular they played it after Handbook Time AND at the end waiting for their parents to pick them up.  One kid even told her mom she couldn't leave yet because she hadn't won bingo!
If you need something easy and fun to occupy your Spark team, I have the download for you!  I used images from Google, so just use this game for personal use so we don't break any copyright laws :)


Bingo Card Master - click on picture above
Bingo Card 1
Bingo Card 2
Bingo Card 3
Bingo Card 4
Bingo Card 5

Instructions for Bingo:
Give each player one of the five bingo cards that say Sparks Bingo and a handful of bingo chips, pompoms, cheerios, peanuts, pennies, or whatever you are using to cover the squares.
Cut around each of the master pieces on this document and put them in a bag.
The leader picks out a master piece and tells the kids what to cover – (Everyone find and cover Sparky!)
There are two ways to win – either 5 in a row OR blackout where you have to cover ALL the squares.

Have Fun!