Thursday, November 14, 2013

Car Play Blanket Tutorial

 Do you have someone in your family that loves cars?  Do I have the coolest idea ever for you!  I have two little nephews that are big car fans and a son who likes "biiiiig trucks!"  For Christmas this year, I thought it would be cool to give each of them a car play blanket.  However I couldn't find any patterns to make one.  No problem - I'll just design it myself.  And of course, share the pattern with you :)

So, I got a yard of 60" green fleece fabric ($5.59 a yard and then used a 40% coupon for a total of $3.35)
I laid the uncut pattern pages on top to make sure it would all fit.  Yes, it totally IS a lot of pages (25 to be exact) but it's worth it (and it's not a lot of ink, so it could be worse :)

I got a yard of gray 72" craft felt ($3 a yard) and cut out each of the road pieces.
Then take the pattern paper off and pin those suckers down GOOD.  Seriously, use a LOT of pins.
Even a novice seamstress like me was able to sew down each piece using my sewing machine.  Actually it took less than an hour.

Here is a picture of the finished roads!  As you can see, it already is getting some use :)  You can also just barely see my son's car mat that we got for free at a yard sale.  He LOVES it, but I wanted something he can use in his bed for nap time, thus the blanket idea.
I have great plans to add a farm, castle, dragon in a mountain cave, zoo, fire station, house on fire, nana's house, etc.  So much sewing and so little time!  I also got glow in the dark yellow fabric paint to draw lines on the roads.  I will keep adding posts as I finish things on the blankets, but I thought if anyone was looking for an inexpensive and cute gift this definitely qualifies!
If you do decide to make one, I would love to see pictures of it when you finish!  I hope you have as much fun putting this together as I did.