Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Finished Car Play Blanket

Thought you might want to see pictures of the finished car blankets.  I have made two of them so far for two little nephews.  I plan on doing another one for my son's birthday in February.



Blanket 1 has Nana's house, a playground, a school, outdoor eating area, and baseball field to customize it

Blanket 2 has a construction zone, field with sheep and pond, and Home Depot to customize it.  Both blankets have a barn, castle, cave w/dragon, gas station, forest with hidden animals, zoo, fountain, fire station, hospital, police station, ice cream store, coffee shop, church, grocery store, and two apartment buildings (one of which can be on fire).

I LOVE how both of these blankets turned out.  They are so interactive and colorful and fun and cuddly!  I am hoping both recipients enjoy them for many years.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Little Christmas Gifts

I made a couple cute little Christmas gifts for my cousin's kids.  One was a mini dinosaur world in a Christmas tin I got from the dollar store.  The other was from Gulf Coast Crafts on Etsy.

This was a fun and easy pattern to sew!  I made the unicorn look like the one from Despicable Me :)

Inside the castle

I added glitter glue to make the fire sparkle

I also added flowers in a vase

I didn't like the original hair, so I made up my own.