Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sparks Key Verse Easter Egg Hunt

I wanted to do a fun Easter egg type hunt with my Sparks, but I knew the weather wouldn't cooperate for an outdoor hunt and my space indoors was limited to our meeting room which doesn't have a whole lot of hiding spots.  I also didn't really want to stuff a whole bunch of eggs.  So here is my creative solution!

There were 28 eggs for each team, printed on colored cardstock so it was clear whose eggs belonged to whom.  You could only search for YOUR team's color.  I taped the eggs all over the room; on the ceiling, under tables, on the wall, on the trashcan, etc.  After each team found all 28 eggs they had to assemble them into the verse and tape it on a posterboard.  Then they could decorate the poster with stickers.  It was a great challenge for this age and some of the teams were quite competitive!
Here is the link for the egg/verse template to print onto colored paper/cardstock.  I might laminate the eggs this year so I can use them again year after year.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Cub Scout Astronomy Belt Loop

This week in Cub Scouts we are going to do the Astronomy Belt Loop.  I am SO excited because there are such FUN things you can do to learn about space!
There are three requirements in order to achieve this Belt Loop:

  • Demonstrate how to focus a simple telescope or binoculars. (A local astronomy club may be a resource for this activity.)
  • Draw a diagram of our solar system—identify the planets and other objects.
  • Explain the following terms: planet, star, solar system, galaxy, the Milky Way, black hole, red giant, white dwarf, comet, meteor, moon, asteroid, star map and universe.
  • The biggest hang up I had was the last requirement. That sounded hard for second graders.  Plus, what boy likes vocabulary?  So, in an effort to make it more fun, I used this AWESOME site to make a crossword puzzle for the boys to solve.  WAY more fun and hopefully memorable too!

    For the second requirement, I found the most amazing looking Illuminated Solar System Craft that they can each do with contact and tissue paper on a black posterboard.  I will cut out all the holes beforehand so they can focus on which planet goes where and what each one looks like.  I really like that this craft is BIG, shiny, and gives them an idea of each planet's color.  While they are working on this craft will be a perfect time to read some space books to them from the library :)
    It's going to be a really fun night!