Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Shout Outs

This is the "You know you're a parent when..." edition of Sunday shout outs. Since I only have little ones right now, they all pertain to small children :)

You know you're a parent when: quote or sing the songs on Curious George, Veggie Tales, or any Disney movie on a regular basis. of the best gifts your spouse gave you was letting you sleep in without interruption the day after Christmas. wear nothing but "machine washable" clothing and are SO excited if you can make it through the morning without changing. get used to eating cold food. (This might be just a mom thing though)

(another mom one)...purse = diaper bag've begun mastering the art of keeping a straight face when you really want to laugh. have friends (with kids) over and spend the entire time discussing sleeping/potty training/discipline/etc. have ever picked a pacifier up off the floor and stuck it in your own mouth before sticking it back into your child's mouth.

My mom came up with a few more, but I am feeding a baby and typing with one hand so I will post those later. Can you think of any to add?


  1. Lol... yup, pretty much have done all of those. Except instead of movies, it's Nickelodeon shows for us, like Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants. And I'm usually the one laughing behind my hand while Jeremy is trying to keep a straight face. ;-)

    In the spirit of your last comment, how about "You know you're a parent when you are an expert at typing with one hand"? (I am doing so right now, lol.) Or " feel young and irresponsible again if you get to spend a solid hour all alone with your spouse." :-p


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