Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Tribute to my Husband

Today is my handsome husband's birthday.  He is turning 32.  In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I would post 16 (half of 32) things I love about him :)  These are all from THIS LIST I made for him one year.  I was going to post 32, but it's midnight & I'm tired...

1.  My husband is the most grateful person in the world.  Seriously, he thanks me for little things or things I don't think he notices.  He really challenges me in this area cause he is so much more content than I am.

2.  His voice.  He is an amazing vocalist, but even just hearing him talk makes me smile :)

3.  His wittiness.  He is SO clever it kills me.  One line quips that are hysterical = my hubby.

4.  Related to number 3, his sense of humor.  My husband can make me laugh so hard!

5.  How patient he is with people.  He plays the same game over and over and over with Will and never get impatient with him or stops until Will loses interest.  It is so neat to watch them play together.

6.  How smart he is - my husband is so amazingly talented & smart.   He knows how to do EVERYTHING.  I'm not kidding.  He really does!

7.  How he is sensitive to my feelings.  This especially means a lot to me when I'm PMSing :)

8.  How excited he gets when he has an idea.  He gets really enthusiastic & it's contagious.

9.  How persistent and hard-working he is.  He worked for YEARS to build our house while also working full-time.  It's amazing to me.

10.  I love how my husband shares his worries and concerns with me.  I try and ask him occasionally what I can pray for him & he is always so open with me.

11.  How his dream is not to be rich or important, but to own his own business and work at home.

12.  How he treats his mom.  This is something I noticed and liked before we got married.  He shows such respect/love for his mother.  How could I not fall in love with my man?

13.  How he calls me every day on his lunch break.  Even if we have nothing much to tell each other, just having him think of me & connect with me is so awesome.

14.  How he is always willing to help others.  If someone needs something done or help with something, my husband is the one they call.  Because he knows how to do it & because he is always willing.

15.  How he kisses me at stoplight/stop signs.  This was something we started when we were engaged & I love how he still does it!

16.  His heart for Christ.  My husband loves the Lord & everyone who knows him knows that.

I love you so much honey!  You are the best husband anyone could ever wish for.  I'm so grateful to God for giving you to me!  Happy Birthday <3

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  1. What a sweet tribute! Hope he has a special day.

    The pic of your two boys is just precious. :)

    Oh, did the package arrive?


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