Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Space Ship and Aliens Page

This is the latest page I came up with after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.  There was no pattern so I made up my own.  
The one special element of this page was the buttons.  I used the Take Me To Your Leader set from Shelly's Buttons and More.  I LOVE her site and variety of buttons.  I have to give myself a strict budget when I shop from them though cause there are just SO MANY cool button packs and I keep thinking of new fun pages to use them for.

I used dark blue felt for the background, gray for the ground, white & blue for the rocket ship, tie dye purple & lavender for the planet, and red, yellow, and orange for the flames.  Oh, and lime green and black scraps for the alien finger puppets.  I also used the buttons, googly eyes, scraps of decorative trim, a couple sequins, and clear vinyl for the rocket window.

I started with the planet.  I machine stitched around the outside of the planet and both edges of the ring, then I did another accent line in the middle of the ring.  Hopefully the close up picture explains what I mean: 

After I finished the planet I stitched the ground on.  Then I positioned the bottom rocket piece and stitched it into place - leaving room on the page for the flames.  I really enjoyed making the flames!  I layered the yellow, orange, and red shapes and stitched around the edge of the yellow to attach them to the rocket.  I overlapped them with the bottom of the rocket since the top rocket piece will cover it.  I then free form did a flame outline with my machine.  I think it makes the flame look much cooler!

I hand stitched the accent pieces onto the top rocket piece.  Then I sandwiched the vinyl between the top rocket piece and the middle ring piece - otherwise the vinyl sticks to my machine and snarls it all up - and stitched around it.  I left the top edge of the rocket open to form a pocket for the aliens.

I made the aliens with my hot glue gun.  Hot glue works beautifully with felt and is secure enough for rough playing.    I wouldn't use it for children who put things in their mouth though.  My five year old designed the eyes and mouth for the aliens for me :)  I glued the eyes, mouth, decorative trim "belts", and sequin "communicators" to the top body piece and glued top and bottom piece together around the edges.
My boys LOVE this page!

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