Saturday, February 28, 2009


(It's a good thing you can't see me right now, cause I am doing a crazy, happy dance...woo hoo!)
(Don't you like my little advertiser?)
This is my Shopper's trip this past week.  I checked out twice so I could get lots of guacamole for Will's birthday party.

Transaction 1:
Dentyne single packs - 2
Dentyne 3 pack
Rice a roni - 12
Chex Mix
Cheerios - 3
B/C Warm Delights - 2
Blueberry muffin mix
Brownie mix - 2
Toaster pastries
Success Rice
Tomato Sauce - 4
Quaker Rice Cakes - 1 reg. + 1 mini
Hershey chocolate bar
Dawn hand soap - 2
Pringles mini - 2
Dawn dish soap - 2
2000 flushes
Chicken broth
Old Orchard Fruitsense (Kiwi Dragonfruit Flavor is REALLY good!)
Tuna Pouch - 2
Tuna Can
Wholly guacamole - 3
Crescent rolls - 2
Sour cream - 2
Dannon yogurt smoothies - 4
Coffeemate creamer - 2
Gillete Shaving Gel
Johnson's baby shampoo - 4

total before coupons = $140.18
total I paid = $30.09
Savings - 80%

Transaction 2:
Gerber Graduates meal
Fiber 1 muffin mix
Minute maid rice - 2
Reeses 100 calorie snacks - 2
Dole Pineapple chunks - 3
Healthy Choice Steamers - 2
Chef Boyardee micro meals - 5
Crunch and Munch - 2
Chock full o nuts coffee
Wholly salsa - 3
Wholly guacamole - 3
Jimmy Dean breakfast entree

total before coupons = $57.67
total I paid = $14.17
savings - 77%

If that doesn't convince you coupons are TOTALLY worth it, I don't know what will :)


  1. Where do you GET these coupons??

  2. I printed this out and am using it at the homeschool meeting tomorrow night. LOVE the little advertiser!!

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